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biBERK Business Insurance

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Elevate Your Business Insurance Offerings with biBERK

Streamline Your Agency’s Success with Direct Access to biBERK

Welcome to the next level of business insurance solutions. As a dedicated partner in the B2B insurance landscape, we understand the importance of providing seamless and direct insurance services to your clients. With biBERK Business Insurance, you can enhance your portfolio and offer your clients robust coverage backed by the financial strength of a Berkshire Hathaway company.

A Top-Rated & Financially Secure Business Insurance Company


Efficient biBERK Agent Login Process

Empower your agency with the biBERK login system, designed for ease of use and efficiency. Our platform ensures that your agents can manage policies, access essential documents, and serve clients with speed and precision.

Comprehensive biBERK Business Insurance Products

Our suite of products includes:

workers compensation liability
biBERK Workers’ Compensation

Protect your clients’ employees and business interests with mandatory coverage that addresses medical care and lost wages due to work-related injuries.

professional liability
biBERK General Liability

Offer your clients peace of mind with protection against third-party injury claims and property damage.

business owner policy
biBERK Professional Liability Insurance

Also known as E&O insurance, this coverage is crucial for businesses providing professional services, safeguarding against claims of errors or omissions.

professional liability
biBERK Business Owner Policy (BOP)

Combine property and liability insurance into one comprehensive package for your client’s convenience.

Tailored biBERK E&O Insurance for Diverse Needs:

Recognizing the varied risks your clients face,  biBERK E&O insurance is designed to address the specific liabilities of professional service providers, ensuring that they are protected against potential claims and financial losses.

Advantages of Partnering with biBERK

Direct Billing: Simplify your clients’ experience with straightforward billing directly from the carrier.

Automatic Renewals: Ensure continuous coverage for your clients with our automatic renewal system.

A++ Rating from A.M. Best: Your clients will have confidence in the coverage you provide, knowing it’s rated highly for financial stability.

Join Our Network

Connect with us and discover the benefits of integrating biBERK’s professional liability insurance into your offerings. By partnering with London Underwriters, you gain access to a suite of tools and resources that will empower your agency to grow and succeed.


For more information on how to streamline your insurance process with biBERK, please contact our team at


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