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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is London Underwriters?

We are a 5-star insurance wholesale broker specializing in writing admitted and non-admitted business for independent retail agencies in almost all 50 states. Our dedicated team helps empower agents to find the best markets for their clients using our cutting-edge platform that provides rapid portal access, quoting, and binding ability.

How do I get more information on the products London Underwriters offer?

Our appointed agents have access to several InsurTech online raters that provide the ability to quote and bind directly online for over 80% of all ISO class codes. We also have over 100+ additional markets that our Underwriting team has access to, which gives us the ability to provide our appointed agents with competitive quotes for all of their P&C underwriting needs.

Click here for more information about our InsurTech Programs

Click here for more information about our Brokerage Market

What states can London Underwriters write in?

We specialize in writing admitted and non-admitted business in almost all 50 states.

What size accounts will London Underwriters write?

• Insurtech: Small Accounts up to $5M in revenue and payroll. Up to $1M in TIV.

• Brokerage: Mid and Large Accounts with maximum TIV up to $3.5 per location/$10M per account.

How do I file a claim?

We are available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST to handle your claim, answer your questions, and help you get back in business as quickly as possible.

Click here to fill out out Report a Claim form.

What is my commission percentage?

We understand commissions are important so we make sure to provide you with very competitive rates. The commissions for the policies you bind through our insurtech markets are going to be paid between 30 to 60 days after the bound date. The commissions for the policies you bind through our brokerage markets are paid upfront.

To know your commission percentage by line of business please contact our marketing team at

What payment options does London Underwriters offer?

Our secure website offers the following payment options:

Pay by Credit Card

Pay using your Checking or Savings account

Pay via Zelle

Click here to make a payment using our website

You can also send us a check via mail to:
PO Box 1270 Hallandale, FL 33008

Payable to: London Underwriters, LLC or  Give us a call at: (866) 245-5197

How do I contact London Underwriters?

🖥️  Chat with a live agent by going to our website 📲  Call us at:

• General Questions & Inquiries > (866) 245-5197

• Submissions > (866) 245-5197 Ext. 5

• Endorsements > (866) 245-5197 Ext. 5

• Accounting > (866) 245-5197 Ext. 6

• Claims > (866) 245-5197 Ext. 4

📧  Email us at:

• General Questions & Inquiries >

• Submissions >

• Endorsements > 

• Accounting >

• Claims >

Where is London Underwriters located?

Our office is located in Florida (USA).

Any recent awards or recognitions?

We are proud to share that in 2024, Insurance Business Magazine awarded us with the 5-STAR Wholesale Broker and MGA golden medal.

Click here  to read the full article.

We are also proud of our 5-STAR rating in google reviews

Click here to read some of the comments from our appointed agents.

The press loves writing about us!

Click here to read some of the press articles.

Will I have direct appointment with the carriers?

No. As an insurance wholesaler broker, you are appointed with us but not directly with the carriers. Through our contract, we provide you with access to our markets.

How do I get appointed?

Getting appointed with us is fast and easy! Just click here to fill out some basic information and we will get back to you within 24-48  hours.

What are the benefits of getting appointed?

• Save Money. No access fee to use our services.

• User-Friendly. Quote and submit risks in just minutes!

• Range of Products. 10+ InsurTech programs and 100+ Brokerage markets.

• Communication. Connect with our Customer Care Team via phone, live chat, or email.

• Learn and Have Fun. Monthly webinars hosted by our InsurTech partners.

• Financial Rewards. Competitive commissions and monthly incentives.

Click here to get appointed today!

Can I start quoting before getting appointed?

We need to complete the appointment process before you can start quoting.

Click here to get appointed today!

Will you train me on how to use your platform?

Yes, it will be our pleasure to train you on how to use our fast and easy platform! When getting appointed with us, you will be guided on your first bind experience by our onboarding team. We will teach you how to use our InsurTech programs and how to submit your risks to our underwriting team, where we have access to more than 100 markets.

If you are already appointed with us and haven't received your training, please email us at

What coverage do you offer for Commercial Lines?

Yes! We have non-admitted programs for small to large accounts. ​Our Underwriting team operates with direct binding authority on several casualty programs and has several other markets to submit your risks.

Here are some of the Commercial Property products we have available.

Professional Liability

General Liability

Commercial Property

Workers Compensation

Cyber Liability

Liquor Liability

Special Events

Excess Liability

Terrorism & Active Shooter

Monoline Wind

Builders Renovation

Ground Up Construction

Vacant Land/Property


Click here for more information on Commercial Casualty.

Do you offer Marine?

Yes! We can help you cover the following risks:

Marine Cargo

Stock Throughput

Inland Marine

Contractor’s Equipment

Click here for more information on Commercial Casualty.

Do you offer Commercial Auto?

Not at this time, however, we are continuously working on adding more lines of business and will inform you once Commercial Auto becomes available.

What coverage do you offer for Personal Lines?

We are here to help you with Boats & Yacht, Personal Articles Floater, and the following Property Lines:

Builders Renovation

Ground Up Course of Construction

Vacant Land/Property


Personal Articles Floater


Do you offer Homeowners?

We currently do not offer HO-3, HO-4, HO-6, DP-1, DP-3, however, we are continuously working on adding more lines of business and will inform you once it become available.

Do you offer Personal Auto?

Not at this time, however, we are continuously working on adding more lines of business and will inform you once Personal Auto becomes available.

Do you offer Life Insurance?

Not at this time, however, we are continuously working on adding more lines of business and will inform you once Life Insurance becomes available.

What are the benefits of using InsurTechs?

InsurTech are awesome! The quoting process is streamlined, straight to the point and there is little to no documentation required to buy instant insurance coverage for your customer. You are always looped in the correspondence to the customer and the entire life cycle of the policy is very transparent.

Quote & bind online in less than 5 minutes.

Automatic renewals.

Direct bill.

Instant insurance coverage.

Which InsurTechs do you work with?

We are proud to partner with 10+ highly recognized InsurTechs to help you find the best fit for your client.


AU Gold




First Insurance


Neptune Flood

Next Insurance

Pie Insurance



What if I already have access with another carrier with some of the InsurTechs?

Not a problem. If you would like to have access to our InsurTechs under London Underwriters, we can assist you on that. Email us at

Why/When use Brokerage Market?

Mid to larger sized accounts

Risks with higher exposure occupations

Larger TIV

Larger revenues

Higher limits

Overall harder to place risks

You got a decline quote with any of the insurtech programs

You can email your submission to

Do you have direct binding authority?

We operate with direct binding authority for several programs such as:


Pie Insurance

Century Surety Company

Crum & Forster


Click here for a complete list of Brokerage Markets available

Are you connected to Lloyd's of London?

Yes, Lloyd's of London is our coverholder.

What is London Underwriters' turnaround time?

We know that fast turnaround time is critical in our fast-paced world. Our standard turnaround time is 24-48 hours, however, our fantastic in-house team works hard everyday to turn around quotes in many instances in less than 24 hours.

What is LU One?

LU One is our Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, meticulously crafted to streamline your daily digital operations. Embrace the convenience of a single login for all applications and insurtechs, enhancing both security and efficiency. To set up your account please visit this link:

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