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biBERK: Quote & Bind Guide

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Learn how biBERK simplifies policy binding, allowing you to take shortcuts and stay ahead of the competition.

Follow this step-by-step bind guide below:

1. Have your logins ready

2. Make sure you are logged into

3. Click the pencil icon

Click the Pencil Tool

4. A new tab will open up, AKA the purchase path or application

5. Identify the best-fitting keyword

Identify keyword

6. After answering basic question set, a list looking like below will populate showing our available and recommended products

Select Coverage Option

7. Once you get to the end of the application, If you are able to bind, then you're all set. Otherwise, submit it to Underwriting

Purchase or Submit to Underwriting

8. Once you select Submit to Underwriting the following will show. You need to complete it per the Referral Guidance

Complete Referral Guidance

9. The Final Step: Let's Bind!

Need more help or training? Schedule a training now: Onboarding Training or Questions & Answers.

How to search in the BSP?

The initial screen after logging into the BSP is the Activity Dashboard. This dashboard does not include all activity done by the agency as each of the respective tabs has a time period associated with them:

Activity Dashboard - biBERK
How to search in the BSP

1. Quoted: Quotes will be here only for 10 days from the inception date, after that you may see the quote hidden for the next 3 days on the BSP.

2. Referred or UW: Quotes will be here for 30 days from the inception date.

3. Issued: Policies will be here for 30 days from the bound date, after that you can find them in the BSP, to see the policy.

4. Waiting for Info: Quotes with missing info will be here for only 10 days.

5. Pending Cancellation: Policies that have a cancellation date assigned to them but are not yet canceled.

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