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London Underwriters is an insurance wholesale broker that specializes in writing admitted and non-admitted business for independent retail agencies in almost all 50 states. 

Our underwriting team has access to over 100+ brokerage markets to provide you quotes for a wide range for commercial property & casualty risks.

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Lloyd's of London


Our Underwriting team operates with direct binding authority on a proprietary Lloyd's of London program for commercial property and commercial property + wind.

We have a flexible distance to coast requirements, competitive rates and can accept buildings with a maximum TIV up to $3.5 per location/$10M per account.

Direct Binding Authority

We operate within direct binding authority for several programs  such as:

Our Submission Process 
Is Focused Around You

Email your acord forms to newbusiness@londonuw.com for underwriting review. We will assign the first available underwriter to review your submission & let you know right away if we can provide you a quote for that particular risk.

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