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AU Gold Insurance

Here at London Underwriters, we bridge the gap between traditional insurance and innovative InsurTech. As an insurance agent, you are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead in a competitive market. That’s where we come in. By partnering with us, you gain access to AU Gold Insurance – their premier excess and surplus lines online program backed by the esteemed Lloyd’s of London.

AU Gold Insurance Company Products Available

  • Builders Risk Insurance: Offer comprehensive coverage for residential and commercial construction projects.

  • Vacant Property Insurance: Provide peace of mind for owners of unoccupied properties with our specialized insurance plans.

  • Commercial Packages: Tailor coverage with options including property, wind, general liability, and more.

Get Appointed with London Underwriters & Start Quoting

Take the first step towards expanding your insurance business horizons. By getting appointed with London Underwriters, you unlock the potential of the AU Gold Insurance platform, designed to give you a competitive edge in the market. Our streamlined appointment process ensures you can start offering these innovative solutions to your clients quickly and efficiently.

Join Our Network

Become a part of a growing community of agents who benefit from our insurtech expertise. With London Underwriters, you’re not just getting appointed – you’re getting ahead. Connect with us today to learn more about how AU Gold Insurance can transform your business.

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