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Next Insurance Company

NEXT is an online rater where you can quote & bind directly online General Liability, Professional Liability, Contractors' Equipment, and Commercial Property for ~1,300 professions. 

Next Insurance provides digital, affordable, and customized insurance policies tailored to small business across various industries. 

  • Admitted

  • Carrier: State National Insurance Company (A Rated) & Next Insurance Company (A- Rated)

  • Renewals: Automatic

  • Direct Bill

General Liability

  • Revenue limit: $5 million

  • $0 deductible

  • Occurrence form

NEXT General Liability: Pro and Pro+ Enhanced Coverages

Professional Liability is included in all GL policies for the following classes of business: Fitness Trainers, Event Planning, Child Care, Education, Health and Beauty.

For Contractors and Consultants, Professional liability is only included in the in Pro & Pro+ packages.


Garagekeepers Liability is included in the Pro & Pro+ packages for the following classes of business: Tire Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Auto Body Shop, Car Wash (if non-self-serve) and Oil Change Station classes


Liquor Liability is included on GL policies for all restaurants that serve alcohol

Inland Marine — Currently available as an add-on to General Liability

Umbrella/Excess Liability— Currently available as an add-on to General Liability. Check out states available.

  *New: $2M/$4M GL limits 

Professional Liability

  • Revenue limit: $5 million

  • $2,000 deductible

  • Claims made

  • Defense within limits

  • Defense outside limits: AK, AR, NJ, NY, VT

Commercial Property

  • Maximum TIV: $3 million

  • Wind & Hail coverage is available*

  • Occurrence form

Commercial Property Insurance

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*Increased GL limits to: $2/$4M for restaurant and retail professions in AL, AZ, CO, FL, MI, MN, NV, SC, TN, TX, and UT.

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