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Slice offers on-demand small business insurance. Provide right fit-coverage for all types of contractors- all automated. All online.

  • Admitted

  • Carrier: American Builders Insurance Company RRG

  • Renewals: Automatic

  • Direct Bill

General Liability

Agents can offer 3 coverage packages, choose liability limits, and complete it online in minutes.

Range of Limits

  • Occurrence Limit: $100,000 - 1,000,000

  • Aggregate Limit: $100,000 - 2,000,000

Aggregate Limit either matches the Occurrence Limit or is double the value.

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Self Insured Retention

$1,000 for most business classes. There are 3 business classes out of 70 that have a retention of $2,000

  • Carpentry - Construction of residential property not exceeding three stories in height

  • Roofing - Commercial

  • Roofing - Residential

Slice is with you every step of the way:

Leverage automatic underwriting and claims.

End-to-end processing across the entire insurance value chain.

Payment processing.

Regulatory reporting to each state.

AI driven business classification and recommendations.

Dashboard providing 360° view of agents, customers, quotes, policies & more.

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