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Restaurant Liability Insurance: Protect Your Business and Customers

Understanding Restaurant Liability Insurance

Restaurant liability insurance is a vital form of coverage that provides protection for your business and customers. From unexpected incidents like spoiled food due to equipment failure to customer lawsuits stemming from foodborne illnesses, this insurance coverage offers financial security and peace of mind for restaurant owners.

At London Underwriters, we specialize in providing restaurant liability insurance for a wide range of establishments, including:

Bakery Cafes, Cookie Stores, Delicatessens, Donut and Bagel Shops


Buffets and Cafeterias

Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, or Custard Stores

Cafes, Diners, Bistros

Juice Bars and Smoothie Stores

Caterers and Catering Services

Mobile Food Trucks and Lunch Wagons (coverage limitations apply)

Coffee Shops and Snack Bars

Pizza Parlors and Pizzerias (not eligible for hired/non-owned auto liability)

Family-Style Restaurants

Pretzel Shops

Fast Food Restaurants

Sandwich and Sub Shops

Food Concession Operators and Food Stands or Kiosks

Steak Houses

Food Service Contractors - Cafeteria, Industrial, or Institutional

Bars or Liquor Stores

Full-Service and Limited-Service Restaurants

Where Can I Quote Small Restaurants ?

  • biBERK

  • Coterie

  • USLI

Where Can I Quote Big-Midsize Restaurants?

You need to send acords 125, 126 and 140 to for BOP, GL or CP only.

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