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New Requirements For biBERK Access

As a reminder, effective January 1st, 2024, biBERK will be implementing a new format requirement for all user account requests. These changes are to ensure our user accounts meet the highest security standards currently being utilized in the industry.

As a result, all new account/user requests starting in 2024 will be required to contain unique identifiers in the Microsoft email account address. biBERK will no longer accept Microsoft account addresses that lack the information outlined below:

  • New users must provide a physical address - PO Boxes will not be accepted.

  • New MS account email addresses must contain unique identifiers that clearly distinguish the user from others in the agency. Our preference is format.

  • First initials are acceptable as well.

  • Email addresses must have a last name that matches the rest of the user’s information required to create the account.

  • Examples of the acceptable email address format options:

As a reminder, biBERK has never accepted shared or group/alias Microsoft email account addresses and these will continue to be rejected. An alias address is one which does not uniquely identify a person, but rather suggests a group of users. Examples of alias addresses include:,,,,, and others that point to multiple users rather than a single person.

Note: Existing users will not need to update their non-compliant email addresses, unless they have an alias email address and require technical support.

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