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Hiscox Change Bulletin

We’d like to let you know about some updates Hiscox NOW is making to products offered on the platform. These updates will be implemented at the beginning of September.

CyberClear will now be available in Georgia and Texas, effective September 4th

Launched in 2019, CyberClear is a leading tech-enabled cyber risk solution for small businesses with up to $100 million in annual revenue. It offers comprehensive coverage for privacy, data breach and network interruptions, and costs associated with responding to a breach. Policyholders also receive complimentary access to AI-powered cybersecurity protection, built specifically to address the latest ransomware and other evolving cyber threats.

Cannabis Endorsement for General Liability, effective September 4th

Following market uncertainty as to whether cannabis can be considered “contraband”, a cannabis exclusion form is being introduced for General Liability (form CGL E2225 and CGL E2225 IL). This exclusion is mandatory for all new and renewal business. Where applicable, impacted customers will be sent conditional renewal notices with an effective date targeted for 01/02/24.

Please contact our Business Development Team with any questions or for more information. Email us at or call (866) 245-5197 Ext. 2.

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