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AU Gold Login

Logging into AU Gold grants you access to a comprehensive, full-service quote-to-bind platform that’s designed to meet the unique needs of MGAs.

AU Gold offers a secure, efficient, and user-friendly system to manage a wide range of insurance products, including Vacant Property, Builder’s Renovation, and Professional Liability. 


With advanced data capabilities and a state-of-the-art API, AU Gold sets the gold standard for operational efficiency and growth in the insurance industry.

Don't Have Access Yet?

Getting appointed with London Underwriters offers unparalleled access to innovative InsurTech solutions such as AU Gold,  and a vast array of markets. 


As a recognized leader in the insurance brokerage industry, London Underwriters provides agents with cutting-edge technology for rapid online quoting and binding, covering over 80% of ISO class codes. 


With no access fees, a dedicated customer care team, and monthly incentives, London Underwriters empowers agents to grow their business efficiently and effectively.

How to Quote Using AU Gold

If you wish to learn how to quote using AU Gold, below is a how-to video

Products Available

  • Builders Risk (Residential and commercial)

  • Vacant Land & Property (Residential and commercial)

  • Small Commercial Packages (Property, wind, general liability, professional liability, hired non-owned, and more)

  • Lessor's Risk (Property + wind, general liability, professional liability, cyber and more)

  • Special Events

Key information

  • Carrier: Lloyd's of London

  • Agency Bill

  • Populates the Apps for you

  • Excess & Surplus

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