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Life insurance made easy. Get a quote in seconds. Apply online in minutes. Send your customers the link to complete their life insurance application. Competitive commission.

Grow your life
insurance sales
with Ethos.

Ethos can power your business with the latest digital
technology with competitive compensation and no
case management— 100% online.
Competitive compensation

We pay competitive, street level compensation. Combine that with the additional time you’ll reclaim by not having to manage the process, and you can scale
like never before.

Highly rated and totally secure

We're not a carrier, but we contract directly with top-tier carriers (so you don’t have to!) to provide policies on the carrier’s paper.

Get your time back
Zero case management

Sell Ethos however you’d like: email, social media, direct mail, telephone — you name it. The client can do the entire app on their own or you can assist, so you can work how you want.

No one likes dealing with long paper applications, chasing down medical exams, or dealing with administrative headaches. Say goodbye to all of it with Ethos. You’ll have full visibility into your
applicants’ progress but once the application is finished, so are you.

Why add (more) life insurance to your agency?

There are over 50 million US households that say they need more life insurance, creating an over $16 trillion coverage gap. Don't give the news to a spouse or child that their loved one was uncovered.

Fast & Simple

Close to 20 million people say they’ve gotten stuck in the life insurance process even though they wanted coverage. That’s why with Ethos, you can apply 100% online, with no medical exam (just a few health questions). What traditionally took weeks can now be done in minutes, so you and your clients can focus on what matters.

Flexible & Affordable

Ethos offers a wide range of coverage options, so you or your client can design a policy that gives the right level of financial support at the right price. An applicant can get $1m of coverage for less than $1 a day.